Still Life In the Fishbowl
(Threshold: Edge of Light) 
March 1- April 8, 2012
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Layered reflections of figures inside/outside the window glass suggest an illusion that the interior sculptures simultaneously float or swim mid-air outside in a street full of city life. 
An exploration of the interface between public and private life, the thin line between introspection and illusion. Elements from a post modern "mystery play" (fallen gods, soaring birds, gardens (of Eden), holy grail, pilgrimages, leftover feathers from Icarus have now petrified with age), are “hardened thought forms.” The feet of clay are placed as if in a theatre stage relationships. Features nearly 50 figures sculpted by hand in porcelain paperclay ceramic.  

Nordstroms Flagship Store Downtown Window: 500 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101

Thank you Nordstrom Downtown Flagship Store: Ted Link (lead) with Doug Smith. Curators for NCECA Seattle "Feet of Clay" Liz Duarte and Sandra Farmer. Studio Intern: Gayle St. Luise.  Thank you to Clayworks Studio Seattle, Clare Powers, Clay Art Center Tacoma, P'Clay® /P'Slip® porcelain, Research and Art Residencies at Banff Centre for the Arts, (Canada), Guldageragaard, (Denmark), Bechyne,(Czech Republic) and Kesckemet, (Hungary), Pottery Northwest, Seattle Northwest Designer Craftsmen and Washington Clay Arts, and many others, for various forms of support over the years.