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Titles in Print by Rosette Gault on the subject of paper clay ceramic

The first paperclay book (1993) was the result of over 20 years of Gault’s private research for a high performance versatile and eco friendly clay body for her ceramic sculptures that began in 1971.

Since first exhibition in 1990 questions came. Wet dry practices were unknown prior. University demonstration in 1991 followed was followed by peer reviewed international conferences (Finland1992) and USA (NCECA 1993) Articles in international journals beginning June 1992.

Word about Gaults discovery/innovation with wet/dry and patch passed on the grapevine FAST.  Professors encouraged grad students to do the work of testing whether the wet/dry worked as Gault claimed.

Results began to come from kilns worldwide. The vast majority (89%) of ceramic rules were changed in due course.

These early adopters would be part of a substantial pioneering effort and teaching needed for worldwide innovation and the development a field of paperclay for everyones benefit.

P’Clay® and P’Slip® ceramic paperclays were developed by Rosette also. Since there is no guarantee your commercially prepared batch will have the right amount and type of pulp to get all the advantages promised.

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2014 Updates

Item 14  has been updated. Edition 4.0.1

Item 17 was updated. Second Printing errata were corrected.

Gault Phd, Innovation in Paperclay Ceramics Digital Version was released.