Clay is a hardened thought form. It can be used as a immunity medicine to reduce the chance of hardened opinions, blinding prejudice, or more subtle disturbances to well being coming from inside the mind. 

I have therefore built some rattle percussion instruments of paperclay.

Each instrument has different shape of inner volume and sometimes more than one inner chamber. The resonance and tone varies by the shape and number of paperclay beads within. To play, the musician or shaman, may adjust the balance in the hand to get specific sounds in movements with control and rhythm as a dancer. These are a few of over 50 designs so far to give you an idea of the concept.

Sound resonance in paperclay, a new material, will be unlike that of traditional clay. So there are sounds we never heard before coming from each instrument. Click to hear a sampling....

Rosette Gault

Rattles for Grownups: Shake Stuck Thought Forms Loose