Collections of Artwork and Vision in Paperclay. Hundreds of Color Plates for contemplation and discussion of some developments in the field.

Paper Clay for Ceramic Sculptors

First Edition 1993

published in USA and New Zealand

with world wide distribution in UK, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany,USA and Canada.

Paper Clay for Ceramic Sculptors
Fourth Edition 4.0.1

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Paperclay Art and Practice

Visions never possible to make in traditional clay have emerged from the hands and imagination of a new generation of paperclay artists worldwide. Fresh views of classic forms are here also.

The creation process with paperclay is illustrated from start to finish. Every stage of making offers a level of expressive freedom beyond what is ever possible with traditional clay methods. The sampling of new practices span from basic to advanced. Paperclay Art and Practice is a comprehensive source and reference book.

160 pp all color. paperback

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