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Welcome to some of the beautiful and deep places where art can be born. I create music to soothe my soul.

The work seems to be enhance high level imagination and creative work, dance, healing, relaxation, and had found its way to many ears. I am grateful to the music and sound department at Banff Centre for the Arts for making it possible for me to practice at odd hours in the electro acoustic recording studios during my art residencies some years ago.

One day these works will be played and arranged professional musicians who have the skill and sensitivity with their instruments to enhance and loft the sound even higher in the soul. I perform all the parts- instruments on my full size digital piano to suggest some possibilities for it.



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Roots of Blue


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Podcasts of Music/ Art/ Poems

Man on Roof: 4:00 min. Tsunami

Moving a Piano: 3:00 min. (2010)

Rx for Deafness: 0:52 min (2008)

Gate in an Ear: India 3:00 (2008)

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Rosette Gault, composer